How do we start with today’s exciting busy day at Parris Island..

I have to say the most exciting part was to visit with our local recruit Chris Ruckert who was on his first week of being at boot camp. Today marked is second day… Continue reading

Lunch with the Recruits

  We had the honor to dine in a  boxed chow with a local NY recruit from Poughkeepsie Shakiam Luck.  Luck has been in the recruitment process for a month, going into Phase… Continue reading

First Full day at Parris Island, weird temperatures

  (Gallery at: ) Okay, I left Saratoga right? Or at least NY?? No… we didn’t. Yes, it felt warmer for us, but that didn’t mean much to people in South Carolina. As… Continue reading

Fit for a Long Day, first full day at Parris Island

We begin with the yellow footprints, where I’m being told as we get hustled off the bus onto yellow footprints. Off to meet our drill instructor escorts. The commanding general welcomes us aboard… Continue reading

Arrived at Parris Island

After hours and hours of traveling, we finally have arrived to Parris Island. Our hotel of course is in Beaufort, S.C., at a Hilton. It felt like we traveled all day! OK, I… Continue reading

Only Days Away

Friday, we received our tentative schedule for the trip to Parris Island, busy! Every day starts off at around 5 a.m. followed by a very busy, and exciting, schedule. Not knowing all the… Continue reading

Off to Parris Island

DROP and give me twenty!!!! Well that’s what I thought was how this was going to go down.. But I was graciously re-assured to know that the pressure is on the recruits. Or… Continue reading

A young man’s journey to join the Marines

This past summer, we covered the story of Chris Ruckert, who lost 200 pounds to join the Marines. In February, I will be joining Rucker in Parris Island for boot camp. On Saturday… Continue reading