A young man’s journey to join the Marines

This past summer, we covered the story of Chris Ruckert, who lost 200 pounds to join the Marines. In February, I will be joining Rucker in Parris Island for boot camp.

On Saturday January 18, 2014, at the Watervliet Arsenal, the Marines hosted their bi-monthly physical recruitment test. Below are some photos of newly enlisted recruits.

SAR-l-Physical1 SAR-l-Physical2 SAR-l-Physical3 SAR-l-Physical4 SAR-l-Physical5 SAR-l-Physical6 SAR-l-Physical7 SAR-l-Physical8 SAR-l-Physical9 SAR-l-Physical10 SAR-l-Physical11 SAR-l-Physical12 SAR-l-Physical13 SAR-l-Physical14 SAR-l-Physical15 SAR-l-Physical16 SAR-l-Physical17 SAR-l-Physical18 SAR-l-Physical19 SAR-l-Physical20 SAR-l-Physical21 SAR-l-Physical22 SAR-l-Physical23 SAR-l-Physical24 SAR-l-Physical25 SAR-l-Physical26