Only Days Away

Friday, we received our tentative schedule for the trip to Parris Island, busy! Every day starts off at around 5 a.m. followed by a very busy, and exciting, schedule. Not knowing all the correct language, I had my awesome co-workers Paul Tackett and Lucian McCarty help me translate my schedule.

Apparently one of the most important things Paul said I have to Tweet out is the “Yellow Footprints.” What it sounds like, until I actually see it, they get off their bus and have to rush to the “yellow footprints” and not move. Paul was very adamant that I get a photo of this, of course while they are getting yelled at.

Other exciting things to start off will be meeting the commanding general, seeing the squad bay tour… and a box lunch with recruits. Lucian has warned me on some of the meals… what is the best and to chew the “gum.” I am excited to see the water surveillance swim tank, hoping I don’t have to swim (yes I know how to swim).

Also is the Rappel demo, pugil sticks, museum visit, observation of recruit cow, shooting the M16… and well, much more.

So to put it short, I’m so HooooRahhh about next week!