Arrived at Parris Island

SAR-l-DayOne1 SAR-l-DayOne2

After hours and hours of traveling, we finally have arrived to Parris Island. Our hotel of course is in Beaufort, S.C., at a Hilton. It felt like we traveled all day! OK, I guess that part is true, though.

Flying out of Albany, N.Y., we arrived in Charlotte, N.C., to something I was not expecting …  SNOW! And of course, they don’t see it that often so it took us an extra hour just to leave. Eventually of course, we arrived in South Carolina safe and sound, then shipped off on a white bus to our destination hotel.

We were greeted with a kind gift from the Marines, a computer bag with little gifts and some reading knowledge to learn about the Marines. To localize it, the man who gave it to me is a local from Clifton Park: Mr. George H. Murphy, Jr., who is an anti-terrorism force protection officer. I hope to interview him this week to talk about his work with the Marines.

With only a quick minute to drop off our luggage, we headed out to Parris Island. It was surrounded by water as it was lined with palm trees. We drove by some of their rope challenges, fields, housing and much more. The sun was setting so it was hard to see everything to take it all in.

Shortly there after we met with 1st Lt. Jean Durham the deputy director of public affairs for Parris Island. She informed us of their rules, etc. Most important was not to get in their way, not to interrupt their recruits.

They encouraged to shoot as much as possible, of course nothing was off limits. Before dinner was served, we had a moment to listen to all the officers we will be with about their journeys with the Marines. It was interesting to hear all of them as each was very different.  The Marines made a huge impact to their life. Talking to Staff Sgt. Josh H. Hauser at our table during dinner was great, especially listening to different stories he’s covered while on duty.

The fun starts early tomorrow with breakfast at 5 a.m. and shipping off to the island at 6 a.m.

What else to start the day with but by being yelled at by a Drill Instructor? Bring it on!