Lunch with the Recruits



We had the honor to dine in a  boxed chow with a local NY recruit from Poughkeepsie Shakiam Luck.  Luck has been in the recruitment process for a month, going into Phase two he said.

 When asked what he has learned, more discipline jumped out of his mouth. I”t’s very tight structure, more then anywhere else like at home… There’s discipline then there’s military discipline.”

“It’s about yes sir and no sir… know what’s to turn on and off,” Luck added.

Luck’s favorite part is the physical part, the PT, specifically the obstacles.  

Seeing the finish part is what he is looking forward to the most. Of course seeing his parents and family is what Luck is most excited about. When asked about how many family members are coming, he stated “probably a couple bus loads,” they are very appreciated.

Luck’s main goal of joining the Marines was to become a police officer, a stepping stone he said. Adding if he really liked being a Marine he was considering to stay in longer.  

Getting off his bus arriving at Parris Island he said they clicked immediately with the rest of the kids. “You’ll meet everyone at the airport and just start all clicking.”

Luck is in Platoon #2029 Golf Company 48.